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In a time when many businesses are either temporarily closed or have limited hours and social distancing is a MUST, it's tough to find things to do outside of your home, hotel, or wherever you may be staying. We put together a list of a few ideas to help you out.

1. Big Sioux River Recreation Trail

Get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery along the Big Sioux River Recreation Trail. Take a leisurly stroll, ride a bike, or run if you're looking to break a sweat. The nearly 30-mile paved trail loops around the city as it curls with the Big Sioux River. Feel free to get on and off the trail at any of the city parks that it passes through.

2. Hiking

Strap-on the hiking boots and head to one of the many trails in the area. Places such as Great Bear Recreation Park, Good Earth State Park, Palisades State Park, and Newton Hills State Park all offer great trails winding through the woods. Keep your eyes peeled, you may even spot some wildlife nearby. Learn more about hiking at these places and more.

3. Architectural Driving Tour

Sioux Falls is full of history, and much of that is still visible today through the architecture of many downtown buildings and historic homes. Get a feel for this amazing architecture by taking a drive through some of our neighborhoods such as the Cathedral Historic District, McKennan Park Historic District, All Saints Neighborhood and more. Learn more about our historic districts.

4. Japanese Gardens

Have you ever been to the Japanese Gardens? If not, now is the perfect time for you to do so! The Japanese Gardens are a meticulously up-kept area in Terrace Park along Covell Lake. Enjoy a sense of calm and serenity walking through these gardens.

5. Go Stargazing

Take a drive to the outskirts of the city to witness the stars light up the night sky. Scenes like this are hard to find near the big cities because of light pollution, but it's a different picture on these lands.

6. SculptureWalk

Do you know what's open 24/7, even during a pandemic? SculptureWalk and the Arc of Dreams! Walk the streets of downtown Sioux Falls and admire the beautiful works of art that make up SculptureWalk. Over 50 sculptures, created from artists around the country, are scattrered throughout the area for public viewing– just be sure you're maintaing a safe distance between people. Grab some food from one of the many restaurants offering carry-out to enjoy during your walk.

7. Falls Park

Spend an afternoon at Falls Park listening to the water of the Big Sioux River roar over the cascading waterfalls. There are many vantage points and plenty of room to roam in the 123-acre park, so you shouldn't have to worry about social distancing being an issue here, but just in case, please be sure to avoid crowding of people at any place you go.