Jackie Wentworth

Jackie Wentworth

Sales Manager - Group Tour, Reunions, Tourism/Leisure, Travel Writers


In five seconds or less Jackie will tell you Sioux Falls is a city with a great urban vibe, is culturally diverse, and has a beautifully restored historic downtown oozing with energy.

Jackie is passionate about Sioux Falls and genuinely cares that each person is personally taken care of, whether it’s one journalist, a group tour of 40, or an event of 1,000. In fact, when you are working with Jackie don’t expect to converse via email, she loves phone or in-person conversations that build connections. Her spirited and energetic personality is contagious!

She has a history of relationships that include university alumni relations, chamber of commerce experience, and comes from a number of years at another CVB within the state. She is a South Dakotan through and through having graduated from Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD.

Jackie adores her loving husband of 30+ years and beautiful two daughters. She loves attending theatre and live concerts in Sioux Falls, but having grown up on a farm her entire life she can also tell you intricate stories about South Dakota’s rural roots.

Her don’t-miss-list includes Falls Park and the First Friday’s and Block Parties that take place downtown. But don’t ask for her favorite place to eat, because there are just too many to choose from.

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