Road to Sioux Falls

Catch all the action on the court in Sioux Falls. From rim rocking dunks to buzzer beater finishes, you have the chance to see it all.

Upcoming Sports Events in Sioux Falls

  • October 14: LFA 144 at the Sanford Pentagon
  • November 5-6: NAIA Basketball Classic at the Sanford Pentagon
  • November 11: Nike Cross Regionals Heartland at Yankton Trail Park
  • November 15: Men's Basketball: South Dakota State vs St. Bonaventure at the Sanford Pentagon
  • December 2: Men's Basketball: Gonzaga vs Baylor at the Sanford Pentagon
  • December 15: Women's Basketball: South Carolina vs South Dakota State at the Sanford Pentagon

Looking for more events? See our full calendar for all events, including non-sports events.

Explore Sioux Falls

Be sure to set time aside to discover all that Sioux Falls has to offer while you are there for the big game. Breathtaking parks, a diverse culinary scene, and a booming craft brewery scene await you.

Things to Do