Good Earth State Park at Blood Run

South Dakota's newest state park, Good Earth at Blood Run is a National Historic Landmark. Blood Run is like a natural island in a sea of residential and commercial development a few miles southeast of Sioux Falls straddling the Big Sioux River in Iowa and South Dakota. On close and educated examination, there are signs of past human habitation everywhere on the forest floor and meadowlands.

The river, abundant wildlife and wood for fuel, fertile flood plains, availability of catlinite (pipestone) and protection from winds made the area a crossroads of Native American civilization from 1300 – 1700 AD and possibly even longer. Occupants were primarily Oneota Indigenous Peoples, including Omaha, Ioway, Oto and Ponca tribes. The site is a time capsule of Indigenous culture. No other Oneota site of such size and integrity is known to exist in the United States.

Good Earth State Park has accessible hiking trails winding throughout the grounds with scenic overlooks scattered throughout. Enjoy nature at its finest by getting out there and taking in the sights and sounds of wildlife, the river, and the beautiful landscape.

An 11,000 square foot visitor center features exhibits and programming focused on the cultural and historical significance of the Blood Run site.