Obscure Brewing Co.

Our origin story goes back many years, beginning with the infatuation with a new craft beer revolution. As we drank more beers and visited more breweries a dream formed of opening our own brewery. Over time, experiments with brewing at home lead to many successes, and occasional miserable failures. But as our narrative evolved we learned more about our vision, and also about the patience and persistence it would take to realize it. Even as our dreams approached reality, many painful edits and revisions of the work were needed to manifest it.

From visions of one-off small-batch Willy-Wonka beers made on a rigged together system in a rented garage, to visions of a state-of-the-art full-production dream brewing facility, we somehow settled somewhere in between. As our friend and now head brewer Mike Nussbaum came on board, our shared vision finally came into focus.

Our name “Obscure,” besides the connotation of the eccentric, etc., is a nod to the novel Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. Although the novel itself is grim, there are themes presented that resonated for our brewery. Jude had a dream at a young age and held onto the firm belief that hard work was the only path to achieve his goals. His resilience under duress inspired us despite the occasional setback.