Top Off-the-Clock Activities

When the meetings are done for the day it's time to relax with some fun networking activities. Here are a few of our top options.

Group Ride on the Trail

Rent some bikes at Spoke-N-Sport or Nyberg's Ace downtown location and take a cruise on over 34-miles of the Big Sioux River Recreation Trail that loops around the city, following the path of the winding Big Sioux River.


Hoping for a bike ride that's a little less strenuous? Plan ahead and get a group for our Sip-N-Cycle! Enjoy your favorite cold beverage and blast your favorite songs from the speakers as you roll your way through the streets of Downtown Sioux Falls.


Explore Downtown Sioux Falls by checking out SculptureWalk. There are over 50 sculptures placed around the area for public viewing year-round. Can you spot them all?

Tour the Breweries

Enjoy good conversation over a pint as you make your way to each of the city's breweries throughout the city. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our guide to see which ones fit your style.