5 Reasons to Bring Your Convention to Sioux Falls

1. We're on the Cutting Edge

Sioux Falls has a handful of industries that play a huge role in our community, with medical being up there towards the top. Avera Health and Sanford Health are two of the largest medical providers in the region and they are both on the cutting edge of medical break-throughs. Avera is committed to genetics and DNA testing to help identify which treatments are best for your body. Meanwhile, Sanford remains committed to finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes after it was made a top priority years ago.

2. Our Vibrant Downtown

To really get a feel for Sioux Falls and all we have to offer, many will say you must visit our downtown. A unique shopping experience paired with an incredible culinary scene all situated in a historic area makes for a memorable time. Whether you're looking for Italian, Irish, Mexican, Mediterranean, or something else, we're sure that you'll find dishes to enjoy at our many different restaurants. After dinner, be sure to check out our brewery scene, which includes several that are all within walking distance of each other downtown.

3. Charitable Team Building

Residents of Sioux Falls in every industry are always looking for ways to give back to the community to support those who need it most. Many businesses would love to partner with an incoming organization to partake in a charitable cause. Volunteering to serve food at The Banquet or cleaning up various areas of Sioux Falls are not only charitable acts, but they can also serve as great team-building activities.

4. Affordability & Venues

Sioux Falls is a very affordable destination for not only hosting meetings or events, but also for leisurely vacations. We have generous hotel rates and a large amount of free activities to keep you entertained. We also offer state-of-the-art venues for every size category. For large-scale events we have venues such as the Sioux Falls Convention Center or Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, and for smaller events we have venues such as the Washington Pavilion, The District, or one of our many hotel meeting spaces.

5. You Are the Story

As a group, when you're in a big city often times you will just blend in with the rest of the community, and your event can be viewed as just another standard event in the city. Whereas, in Sioux Falls you will receive the recognition you deserve. Both the event organizers and the attendees will be welcomed and embraced by hotels, restaurants and even the every-day people you see walking down the street. The media will go above and beyond when it comes to helping give your event good exposure. If you bring your event to Sioux Falls, don't be surprised to find an article about it on the front page of our local news.