5 Reasons Sporting Events Flock to Sioux Falls

1. Community Support

No matter the size of the sporting event, large or small, you are likely to see a great amount of community support. Upon arrival you will see welcome signs and will be greeted by residents nearly everywhere you go. The people here genuinely care about taking care of our visitors and making sure that they have a good time. The media is likely to promote your event before, during, and after your time in Sioux Falls. Sports event organizers continue to bring their events to Sioux Falls because they know the stands will be full on gameday. We are committed to making sure that every need is met above and beyond expectations so that a successful event is experienced by all parties involved.

2. The Facilities

The Denny Sanford PREMIER Center is a 12,000 seat venue that plays host to a variety of sports including basketball, hockey, indoor football, wrestling and more. The Sanford Sports Complex consists of a 3,000 seat basketball arena, three indoor ice hockey rinks, indoor tennis facility, nine football fields, and more, making this complex a sports planner's dream location. Harmodon Park and Sherman Park have hosted numerous youth and collegiate baseball and softball tournaments, making them both popular choices. Sioux Falls is also home to a 10,000 seat football stadium, and a 4,000 seat baseball stadium, plus many more facilities.

3. Mid-Sized Market

Sioux Falls is a medium-sized destination that offers all the amenities and entertainment options that you would find in a big city. Restaurants and hotels are popping up all over the city, and new events are being announced on a regular basis. Don't be surprised to see the media going above and beyond when it comes providing coverage on your event. The residents of Sioux Falls are passionate about sports, so when it comes tournament time expect to see them there.

4. The Fan Experience

All of the entities involved will work together to make your sports event a memorable experience for the fans. These groups will go out of their way to add a personal touch to even the littlest of things such as custom signs and banners placed throughout the city. Some venues have even created a customized menu so that the food being served is relatable to the event. Even if your event is considered small, we will try to make it feel like a mini NCAA Championship with special, personalized touches and more.

5. Bustling Downtown

When deciding on a destination for a sports event there's now so much more to it than just choosing who has the best facility. Before or after a game players and fans alike could have plenty of downtime and could be looking for entertainment options. Downtown Sioux Falls offers a wide range of restaurants and activities for people of all ages. Families with kids will love the Kirby Science Discovery Center at the Washington Pavilion where they can get a hands-on learning experience. Looking for that perfect breakfast spot? Queen City Bakery has you covered. Their scones and croissants are to die for!

Downtown Sioux Falls is also very walkable, making it easy to leave your car parked and walk between the various shops and restaurants.