South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance, Inc.

Create a destination, a military/veteran center unlike any other, one that weaves the civilian community into its very fabric.

From field trips for our thousands of local school kids, to military training events, to community patriotic celebrations, to reigniting our most historic and iconic veterans groups and traditions, the opportunities are very real. What may be most important, however, is preserving for future generations the stories of service, valor, honor and sacrifice of so many from our own families, neighborhoods, city and state.

This effort is remaking the landscape of the military and veteran relationship with our civilian community. This project will become a national model for military, veteran and civilian relations for several reasons, but it starts with a unique facility remarkably equipped to provide a world-class venue:

  • Military Heritage Museum
  • Event Center - Veteran, Military, and Community
  • State of the Art Shooting Range
  • Club LOBO Lounge/Bar
  • Full Kitchen Facilities
  • Space for Veterans and Military Causes
  • Proactive Veteran Health Services