Top 5 "Live Like a Local" Activities

Do as the locals do. That's what they say, right? Well either way, here are some of our top picks to live like a local in Sioux Falls.

Patio Dining

Locals love nothing more than sitting outside on a patio at their favorite restaurant on a warm summer day. We're all cooped up after a long winter, so we're itching to get out on a patio as soon spring rolls around.

Big Sioux River Recreation Trail

During evenings and weekends you will see plenty of locals out and about on the Big Sioux River Recreation Trail enjoying some fresh air and mother nature. Over 34-miles of paved trail that loops around the city is always filled with bikers, runners, and walkers. Join in and get some exercise on this scenic trail.

Downtown Events

Attend one of the many events that are held in Downtown Sioux Falls throughout the year, such as Block Parties, First Fridays and many more! Locals are always more than happy to welcome visitors with a friendly conversation.
See a list of upcoming Downtown Sioux Falls events.

Neighborhood Bar

No matter where you're at in the world, every city has a handful of "neighborhood bars" that most visitors don't know about. A great one in the southwest part of Sioux Falls is JJ's Wine, Spirits & Cigars. JJ's started out as a liquor store, but they have since relocated to a new building and added a bar that has become the go-to spot for great cocktails that locals crave.

Sports Events

If you have some free time while you're in Sioux Falls, be sure to check the schedules for one of our local sports teams, Canaries baseball, Skyforce basketball, Stampede hockey, or Storm indoor football. Don't worry, we won't make you cheer on the home team. We just want you to go have a good time while you enjoy the action!