5 Unexpected Reasons to Bring Your Meeting to Sioux Falls

1. The Falls

When many people think of the Midwest they think of nothing but flat land as far as the eye can see. While that may be true in some areas, the Midwest also offers a great amount of unexpected natural beauty. For instance, many people are surprised to find Falls Park, which features a triple-cascading waterfall, located in Downtown Sioux Falls. This wonder of a park was carved out by the rushing water of the Big Sioux River, and has since become a popular destination for both visitors and residents alike.

2. Outdoor Spaces

What do we love in Sioux Falls? - Patio weather! It's no secret. Ask anyone in Sioux Falls about their favorite summer activities and you're likely to hear them say something about sitting on a patio at their favorite bar or restaurant. Fit in with the locals by hosting a cocktail hour on a patio or even a whole dinner. Enjoy a view of the Big Sioux River, Falls Park, downtown Sioux Falls and more. The choice is yours!

3. Business to Leisure

Sioux Falls offers many different places for convention attendees to unwind after a great day of learning. Enjoy one of our fabulous restaurants, breweries or wineries, or even rent a bike for a leisurely ride around our bike trail. No matter the time of year, there's always a place for you to relax and feel rejuvenated for the next day.

4. It's Friendly and Safe

Don't be surprised to hear people greeting you everywhere you go. South Dakota is known for its friendly faces, and you will experience that first-hand in Sioux Falls. Walking around downtown Sioux Falls you will see people of all ages interacting with each other and saying hello to one another in passing. The residents in our community genuinely care about making our visitors happy, and they are thrilled to provide recommendations to anyone.

5. Easy to Get to

Sioux Falls is surprisingly easy to get to. Traveling by car? I-90 and I-29 run right through the city, so you can arrive from any direction. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport services a handful of major airlines, making it a convenient way to travel for those coming from afar. Once you're in Sioux Falls you will be surprised to learn that you can get to almost anywhere in the city within a 15-20 minute drive.