Coronavirus News & Updates

Businesses are open, however, Experience Sioux Falls continues to monitor the current coronavirus pandemic and the impact it is having on the Sioux Falls visitor industry. A resolution (132-20) was adopted and encourages businesses to take the Safer Sioux Falls Pledge.

We will follow the leadership set forth by Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken, Governor Kristi Noem, Secretary of Tourism Jim Hagen, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) throughout these unprecedented times.

The U.S. Travel Association has put together a new guide for "Travel in the New Normal" promoting the health and safety of all travelers. It was developed based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and White House guidelines: “Opening Up America Again“ and in consultation with public health experts. View it here.

The CDC recommends certain actions for the preparation and mitigation of community transmission of COVID-19, including, but not limited to, social distancing measures and restricting the size of gatherings. We encourage you to contact each business prior to your travels to receive information regarding any closures, cancellations, or restrictions that they have in place.

CDC recommendations for traveling overnight:
Wear a mask in the lobby or other common areas.
Check the hotel’s COVID-19 prevention practices before you go.

  • Use options for online reservations and check-in mobile room key, and contactless payment.
  • Before you go, call and ask if all staff are wearing cloth face coverings at work.
  • Look for any extra prevention practices being implemented by the hotel, such as plexiglass barriers at check-in counters, and physical distancing signs in the lobby.
  • Ask if the hotel has updated policies about cleaning and disinfecting or removing frequently touched surfaces and items (such as pens, room keys, tables, phones, doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, water fountains, ATMs/card payment stations, business center computers and printers, ice/vending machines, and remote controls.

Wear a face covering and limit close contact with others.

  • Wear a mask in the lobby or other common areas.
  • Minimize use of areas that may lead to close contact (within 6 feet) with other people as much as possible, like break rooms, outside patios, inside lounging areas, dining areas/kitchens, game rooms, pools, hot tubs, saunas, spas, salons, and fitness centers.
  • Consider taking the stairs. Otherwise wait to use the elevator until you can either ride alone or only with people from your household.

Choose contactless options, when possible

  • Request contactless delivery for any room service order.
  • If you are considering cleaning your travel lodgings, see CDC's guidance on how to clean and disinfect.

Protect yourself and others when you travel away from your community.

For more information on COVID-19 please utilize the following resources:

*The CDC is the go-to resource as the situation evolves.

It is important that we continue to support small businesses throughout our community, as they are the heart of the travel and tourism industry.

If you have any questions please contact us and follow @ExperienceSFSD across social channels.

This page will be updated as the situation evolves.