We Are Sioux Falls Videos

Hear from some of the many people that make up our great city to learn what they love most in Sioux Falls.

Active Adventurer

Explore the many different recreation options in the Sioux Falls area including yoga, rock climbing, biking, and more.

Family Fun Finder

Sioux Falls is full of family activities that everyone will enjoy, regardless of age. From the Great Plains Zoo to the Butterfly House & Aquarium, Washington Pavilion and more.

Music Enthusiast

The thriving music scene in Sioux Falls features a wide variety of genres. Hear from some of the many talented artists in the city.

Culinary Explorer

Explosive flavors await! Dine at some of the top eateries in Sioux Falls, or find a hidden gem that is consistently putting out amazing dishes.

Culture Seeker

From art galleries to theatre and ballet performances; Sioux Falls is full of arts and culture. Get out and discover it!