Shop Your Way Across Sioux Falls Boutiques

You can spot the boutique trend all over Sioux Falls. Ladies and fellas alike can find something unique and on fleek, from designer labels to price-conscious fashions. Our boutique guide is just a starting point, too. Your options go way beyond what you see here, but you need to start somewhere, right?

Dawley Farms

Let the shopping begin at Mainstream Boutique on the east side of town at Dawley Farms. Browse their generous floor of options, and when it comes time to try something on, you’ll feel like your best friend is with you. The employees give their honest feedback about what looks good and make suggestions to leave you feeling fashionably inspired.

The Bridges at 57th

Next stop? Head over to The Bridges at 57th. From high-end to surprisingly affordable, the store variety will keep you here for a while.

Then there’s Posh, a store that’s all about fashion, but also getting to know their customers to help them choose outfits that make their confidence shine through.

Next, visit RUST & Co., a retailer carrying a great collection of modern apparel that reflects the current trends. Simply state, RUST is "Midwestern sensibility meets East Coast style".


There are a handful of boutiques downtown, but Chelsea’s Boutique is also one store not to miss. This quaint boutique will make you feel like you’re in your own personally curated walk-in closet. And you can’t put a price tag on the confidence you’ll leave with.

Make sure to stop at 8th and Railroad Center, which is just off the main drag. This is the home of Simply Perfect. Their artistic, romantic style may just make you fall in love with every piece.

...and for the fellas...

J.H. & Sons is the other go-to menswear market in downtown Sioux Falls. When you wear the quality brands Jim, Jeff, and Jaime demand in their store, you’ll look your best no matter where you go. Both their business and casual sections are current and are sure to suit your style.