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Sioux Falls wouldn't be the city it is today without the amazing people that the community is made up of. Hear from some of them on what makes Sioux Falls special in their eyes.

Season 3

Family Activities

The transition from spring to summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year in the city. See how the Eisenhauer family spends their free time enjoying Sioux Falls.

Active Adventurer

There's plenty of ways to stay active. From soccer, hiking, biking, and more, explore the outdoors in Sioux Falls.

Music Enthusiast

Experience the rhythm and melodies of Sioux Falls, where music takes center stage.

Culinary Explorer

Take your taste buds through a journey of culinary delights and savory experiences in Sioux Falls.

Arts & Culture

Sioux Falls: where creative talents are on display year-round. Discover the vibrant arts scene that is woven through every part of the city.

Travel Inspiration

Looking for more inspiration? Read through our travel articles to learn what else Sioux Falls has to offer.

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