Shaine Schroeder is local artist who has a passion for creativity. He has received numerous awards from museums, government officials, completed dozens of murals, had his work featured in music videos, magazines, newspapers, and has a client list that runs the gamut from film and television actors and directors, to fashion, to restaurants and everything in between.

"My work is my reality. It's how I see things, and I can't shut it off. There's a perpetual circus in my head. I don't want it to resemble a photograph. If that were the case, I'd save fifty hours and click the shutter button. People toil away on details getting every eyelash to look exactly how it does on a model. I put it on paper exactly how I see it. To me, that's realistic- filtering what you see through your own headspace, your own life experience. Some think art is silly, but it's the only thing I've ever taken seriously."

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Shaine Schroeder Art

Sioux Falls, SD